Technology Solutions
  • tumlesikiletisimcozumleri

    Unified Communications Solutions

    Nowadays, a product that provides integrated communications solutions carry only voice traffic from being a sound alternative communication methods to facilitate business processes, providing users with traffic. At this...

  • wideareanetwork

    Solutions for Wide Area Network (WAN)

    Organizations located in different geographical regions offices ( branches, stores , factories, warehouses , etc.). Between the wide areas communication networks should be used to meet the requirement. Such...

  • localareanetwork

    Solutions for Local Area Network (LAN)

    LAN (local area network), high-speed, fault-tolerant data network covering a relatively small area. A typical LAN workstation, PC, printer, and other devices that connect to each other. Designed for...

  • kurumsalagcozumleri

    Enterprise Network Solutions

    Akgün , the structured cabling services , starting with the highest level of security and redundancy solutions for a wide range of network topologies, network solutions offer up to...

  • agcozumleri

    Network Solutions

    Developing communication and networking technologies, businesses in this area highlight the issues of cost and high efficiency. Akgün, an experienced staff of engineers and consultants to draw customers with...

  • kurumsalsistemcozumleri

    Enterprise System Solutions

    Akgün, aims to increase the productivity of enterprise solutions using the best technology. This also necessitates the existence of infrastructure that can provide this technology. Here is the technology...

  • datacentercozumleri

    Datacenter Solutions

    Akgün, a data center physical infrastructure planning process, until the creation of systems of disaster planning and management processes, all of the installation provides our customers with expert staff....

  • btguvenlikcozumleri

    IT Security Solutions

    The provision of information in digital environments heavily facilitating access to information, applications to steal information about the threats encountered larger with each passing day. The fact that the...


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