Great Interest to AKGUN –Trade Mark of IT Sector- in Expomed Eurasia 2017 Fair…
Publish Date: 13.04.2017 | Last Update Date: 16.02.2018


Developing a number of successful products and software and implementing large scale software and hardware projects in the field of health, education, local administration, defense, telecommunication full automation in public and private sectors both at home and abroad for many years, AKGUN gives priority to offering state-of-the-art technology products and services to meet the needs of users in all corners of Turkey, AKGUN Group has become the focus of many local and foreign visitors with its stand at the 24th Expomed Eurasia Fair organized in Istanbul on 30 March – 2 April 2017 with its artificial intelligence applications made up of the AKGUN X- Eye Torax, AKGUN X- Eye Mammo and AKGUN KnVision, and digital hospital concept solutions within the scope of web applications of the city hospitals projects.

At the symposium entitled “City Hospitals, Health Tourism and Public Private Partnership” organized by the Association of Health Management and Education (SAYED) and the Public and Private Partnership Association, which was held synchronously at the fair hosting a total of 34,086 professional visitors, 4,972 foreign and 29,114 domestic visitors, all the details of city hospitals were addressed.

The exhibition took place on an international scale with exhibitors from Korea, China, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Malaysia, Pakistan, India and the UAE. The symposium titled “City Hospitals, Health Tourism and Private Sector Partnership” concurrently organized with the fair attracted a great deal of attention. Symposium held by the Health Management and Training Association (SAYED) and the Public Private Partnership Association on the 1st and 2nd of April, hosted T.R. Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ and Health Ministers and Ministry officials of the foreign countries.   Following the opening, the Health Ministers held bilateral discussions. On the second day of the symposium titled “City Hospitals, Health Tourism and Public Private Partnership” organized by REED TÜYAP, Association of Health Management and Education (SAYED) and the Public and Private Partnership Association hosted the health ministers of 5 different countries. Evaluating the point where the health sector in the world and in Turkey came, the ministers listened all details of the city hospitals realized with the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model in Turkey from the Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Akdağ. On the second day of the Symposium on “City Hospitals, Health Tourism and Public Private Partnership” realized at the EXPOMED Fair in Istanbul, on 2 April 2017 in collaboration with the REED TÜYAP, Health Management and Education Association (SAYED) and Public and Private Partnership Association, all the details of the city hospitals that were realized by Public-Private Partnership (PPP) were addressed. The opening speech of the symposium was delivered by Nihat Tosun, Chairman of the Board of the Public and Private Partnership Association, while the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Family and Labor and Social Affairs Dr. Vural Kavuncu, Deputy Director General of Health Development in Kazakhstan Kuzambayev Nurbol Irismatovich , Azerbaijan Health Minister Agheyev Elsevar , Kosovo Health Minister Kadir Hussein, Saudi Arabia Deputy Health Minister Fayyad Dandashi , Minister of Health of Punjab State of Pakistan Khawaja Salman Rafique , Bahreyn Health Minister Faeqa Saeed Alsaleh , Kyrgyzstan Health Minister Talantbek Batraliev , Madagascar Health Minister Mamy Lalatiana Andriamanarivo and Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag took part as speakers.

Turkish Republic Health Minister Recep Akdağ said: Today 80 million citizens are under a protective public health insurance coverage and there is a misconception that health system executives all over the world spend too much and expenditures made in health sector mean expenditures made for the development of the countries. Underlining that financing providers should consider this as a development item, Akdağ said “This program we named as Health Transformation Programme has shown great success in 10 years. Satisfaction of our citizens in terms of health has risen from 39 percent to 75 percent. Significant decreases occurred in the maternal and infant mortality rates. This rate decreased to 14% from 70% for every one hundred thousand mothers/pregnant women.  We, as the ministry, will lower this figure even further down. On the other hand, the system in Turkey is a very excellent system in terms of financial protection. Today, 80 million of our citizens are under a protective public health insurance coverage. Our citizens access their health rights excellently both at the level of primary health care services and secondary health care services. The system we have built is both inexpensive and accessible to everyone.” Stating that they have touched and changed many points of the system in order to realize this transformation, Akdağ said “We first started to pay according to the performance of our employees. This significantly increased employee productivity. Of course, it needs to be more perfect. The second one is the works we have realized by public private partnership. Turkey has started the second phase of health transformation programme. This period will change upon converting efficient, productivity and east access to be enabled as a result of these into high quality service. Turkey is taking important steps on this way. While this second period in Turkey strengthens access, it will also provide service with much higher quality. As health is one of the most important areas, in which we can collaborate, our collaborations and contacts  with our friendly nations will continue. ”

At the platform, where the latest technologies, products of R&D and innovation in the health sector are exhibited, leader of the digital technologies and software sector AKGUN Group attracted a great deal of attention from the business and political world at the fair lasting 4 days along with construction companies such as Akfen, Renaissance, CCN Holding constructing the city hospitals.

Continuing to make investments to develop its current job   portfolio with new projects, products and international collaboration, AKGÜN Group has proved its success in health transformation with its new technologies.


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