IT Security Solutions
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013

btguvenlikcozumleriThe provision of information in digital environments heavily facilitating access to information, applications to steal information about the threats encountered larger with each passing day. The fact that the end-to-end security is now being network-based security solutions has become an indispensable requirement to take precautions. At this point, not only for companies outside the network by providing security products such as firewall and IPS, Web Security, End User Security, Network Access Control, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions for the whole of the security needs to be considered as complementary parts.

Akgün, Information Systems Security Solutions include:

• Firewall (Firewall) – VPN
• Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IPS – IDS)
• End User Security
• Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
• Network Access Control (NAC)
• Filtered & Web Proxy
• Messaging Security so many different topics, such as the top offers a combination of technology and services.

Information Systems Security in cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers of these issues Akgün, consulting, design, demonstration services, installation and integration, maintenance, support, version upgrades and a wide variety of customers, such as the provision of services meets the requirements of the RMA.


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