Municipal Information Management System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013


In the current era of Information and Communication of the European and the world felt the effects of this change in our country are closely monitored by public agencies and institutions in our country. As a part of modern civilization issued by the central government to change the law to keep pace with the innovations introduced , the implementation of public institutions and organizations in the process in order to provide an equivalent Akgün was established in 1986 with the objectives of advancing quality services increased consistently over time  is also active in especially in sectors that offer turnkey solutions to municipalities, municipal programs to be produced on-site by Akgün caters to all municipal departments .

Today, the focus of urban constructions of data on citizens in the city and for this reason there are municipalities, the Municipal Information System under the discipline of the municipalities are crucial for the evaluation of Akgun Software is aware of this line of development in an effective and efficient solutions to fulfill the requirements of the municipalities and aims to bring together future.

Akgun software , data processing module , the module President , Environmental cleaning module , Classifieds Advertising module , Real Estate module , water billing and collection module General assessment and collection module , the collection module , other income accrued module , Accounting module chattel regulation module Personnel module , Statistics module , payroll module Officer , Labour payroll module , follow-up module of immovable , Marrying module services over the internet tracking module , Parking born automation system integration modules with each other municipalities ; revenues within a system of monitoring, in-house accounting management and control system ensure the healthy functioning , to facilitate access to revenues , to facilitate the reporting of revenues , ensure that staff working in the computer environment , the staff to take action quickly and accurately provide information quickly and accurately provide access for the past , the municipality of business and increase staff productivity , better quality and contemporary municipal public ensure that the services , the development of computer technology and ensure the growth of the municipality , the municipality and increase public confidence in municipal information, documentation and reporting of statistical information , such as the quality standard of services in Turkey over 30 municipalities, has successfully co-operation lasting solution .

Based on current technology, computer-aided studies of the city, managed data sets, the production of a variety of information from this data and used for the benefit of the city and the urban municipal information system that aims to build Akgün , Local Management Information Systems conscious technology solutions for municipalities throughout Turkey by using the quick access to information and faster than him it offers assessment , at this point, many enterprise features combined to produce software that requires having the Municipality. Control laws and regulations, databases, programming languages, and on the expertise of international standards, and original software architecture, we combined our experience is a part of the enterprise features. Today we come to the point, and gradually developed Akgun always carries the features of the sector reveals hits.

Formed according to official regulations, including changes in the professional staff as soon as our system is automated. Reduced the intensity of bureaucratic paperwork through integration between modules. Need some information such as the tax liability of taxpayers electronically reduces the workload of the employees reach. Through Terminals officer working in the field of water distribution and collection operations indexes read at one time, and thus incorrectly indexed to performing situations such as reading can be avoided.


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