Solutions for Local Area Network (LAN)
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013

localareanetworkLAN (local area network), high-speed, fault-tolerant data network covering a relatively small area. A typical LAN workstation, PC, printer, and other devices that connect to each other.

Designed for small office applications, few users, including thousands of campus -end solutions, many dating back to the concept of structured cabling solutions, including wireless local area network solutions, designed and implemented in accordance with sound engineering standards required for it to function.

Akgün solutions we provide to the local area network, multi-vendor LAN switching                  (switching) with the end-to- end managed solutions includes the installation of an efficient and intelligent network architectures. Some of our services under Managed LAN solutions :

Exploration of local area networks inside buildings , design , installation, and optimization solutions

Layer2 , Layer3 , Layer4 Gigabit Ethernet switching solutions, applications , and content switching

IP -CAM camera installation and maintenance services

Cable test measurements , configuration analysis, packet analysis , sniffing , network security, network problems , such as elimination of all kinds of

Wireless network organizations

Maintenance and support services


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