System Integrator AKGÜN from Tailored Solutions Standards and projects under!
Publish Date: 23.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013

AKGÜN available on the market since 1986 , professional staff with knowledge and experience in their respective fields with a unique Integrator Company in accordance with international standards and serve as scientific activities . In co-operation with the worlds largest and most established companies AKGÜN customers, import, sales and marketing, after-sales support, including all kinds of offers they might need.

Customer satisfaction and long -term customer relationships in the foreground AKGÜN, feature integrator firm understanding of the work and the customer’s real needs by creating appropriate strategies in this regard offers products and systems according to customer expectations. Clients with systems integrator capable of being AKGÜN accordance with international standards, customer expectations, coinciding with the required minimum cost, high quality products and services. Offer new solutions to customers in a fast developing technology, already developed projects of its competitors can offer later AKGÜN system integrator, the Group carried out the projects that productivity, durability and security issues, providing a complete solution is guaranteed. AKGÜN around the world, which is valid within the scope of the CMMI model consisting of processes and system integration are realized in accordance with the Project Management Methodologies, guaranteed quality, value systems offers customers both domestic and abroad.


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