Thanks to Success of AKGÜN From The Ministry Of Health of Turkey
Publish Date: 07.11.2013 | Last Update Date: 17.01.2014

Thanks to Health Net Data Transmission Rate …

HealthNet of our customers who use AKGÜN products to over 90% of the data transmission rate that has been identified by the Ministry of Health. Success of AKGÜN that serves customers with high quality  has been appreciated by the Ministry of Health and related studies thank you letter dated November 6, 2013 was transmitted due to:

“As a result of periodic inspection about data reference status of health institutions and organizations by our ministry, it was detected that data reference of foundations  which used the hospital management information system which was developed from your firm was above ninety percent.  We thank to you because of your work and collaboration about data transmission to and also we respectfully submitted about holding the same sensibility during the on going process of the system.”


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