The Pearl of the Sector AKGÜN, Once Again Made a Difference in the BIHE Fair…
Publish Date: 04.11.2014 | Last Update Date: 07.11.2014

Organized on the 25th of September 2014 in Baku Expo Center, Azerbaijan Baku International Healthcare Fair (BIHE) celebrated its success of 20 years.

AKGÜN was the star of the BIHE fair to which it has been participating for the past 8 years as a sponsor.

Several establishments from Azerbaijan, as well as participants from Belarus, England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, China, USA, Bahrein, Georgia, UAE and several other countries participated in the 20th Anniversary of BIHE which has been sponsored since 2007 by AKGÜN Software, a regional and global giant of the IT sector, that drew great interest with its space-age concept booth and modern technological software products.

In BIHE where medical and laboratory equipment, dentistry tools, medication, medical supplies, disinfectants, orthopedic products, high technology diagnostic methods, medical instruments, and other technological products were showcased, AKGÜNmade a difference with its range of products and services.

Azerbaijan Deputy Health Minister Elsever AGAYEV who participated in the opening ceremony of the fairfirst visited the booth of AKGÜN Software that was the first ever software company to integrate innovative technologies in the healthcare system of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Deputy Health Minister Mr. AGAYEV stated that the healthcare industry needs a firm like AKGÜN that embodies innovative and modern technologies and that they would like to proceed together with AKGÜN.

AKGÜN Software that serves over 30 healthcare institutions and has been active for over 7 years in Azerbaijan participated in the fair with the most distinctive and customized solutions of the fair.AKGÜN booth where our specialists and executives were present was visited by several Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Ambassadors, and international guests from the World, as well as Turkey.AKGÜN Software that was also the focus of attention of the World press has promised during the prime-time news broadcaststo accompany the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan and lead developments in the healthcare sector.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Temel AKGÜN who answered the questions of press members in the fair told, “Today, we introduced our distinctive Digital Hospital Concept to visitors here, we are sustaining the leading position we have attained in Turkey also in Azerbaijan. Today, we are continuing our journey that have begun in Azerbaijan eight years ago in over 30 hospitals by operating AKGÜN systems”.

AKGÜN Software that holds many nationally and internationally recognized certificates and accreditations is the leader of the healthcare information technologies sector in both Turkey and Azerbaijan. Explaining digital hospital solutions to its guests, AKGÜN Software that automatized 30 hospitals during the past 7 years has drawn great interest in the fair. The presentation of AKGÜN Software Vice General Manager Ahmet ÖZÇAM regarding AKGÜN Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) titled “The Scope of Electronic Healthcare Services Provided for the Healthcare Institutions” was intended for the Ministry of Health and attracted great attention.


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