TS 13298 and TS ISO/IEC 25051 Standards of Compliance Certification for AKGÜN!
Publish Date: 06.11.2013 | Last Update Date: 04.01.2014


AKGÜN that strongly believes in the importance and necessity of standardization since the day of its establishment, continues to certificate the quality of its own systems and products according to the World standards!

AKGÜN that offers A to Z solutions with its own product range, the compliance with the requirements of TS 13298 Electronic Document Management Standards of among AKGÜN’s products AKGÜN Electronic Document Management System was successfully certificated by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE).

AKGÜN has proved that they created the system requirements of Electronic Document Management System which is situated among its products, the document management techniques and applications, the necessary requirements for document management, the diplomatic properties required in electronic documents, the essential measures for provision of legal validity and the application of the required infrastructure for secure electronic signature and stamp, according to the TS 13298 Electronic Document Management Standards.

AKGÜN who certificated also the compliance of TS ISO/IEC 2051 standards the product of Electronic Document Management; within the context of TS ISO/IEC 2051 the quality properties of software products offered for sale, during the audit carried out by TSE, they have certificated and proved that the offered software packages overlapped with the quality requirements, the test records of these packages were created in accordance with the standards and they comply with the compliance assessment.

Used quality requirements, functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, sustainability, portability have been also proved. AKGÜN who officially registered its compliance with these standards, continues to preserve its place on the top…


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