Vanguard Informatics Company AKGÜN on Global World Became Center of the Interest at BIHE Health Fair…
Publish Date: 05.10.2015 | Last Update Date: 09.10.2015

Azerbaijan Baku International Health Tourism Fair (BIHE) that is arranged at Baku Expo Center on September 18-20, 2015 celebrated its 21 years success.

AKGÜN products, which ensured participation as sponsor to all BIHE Fairs for 10 years, met intense interest.

Azerbaijan BIHE Health Fair opened on September 18 at Baku Expo Center. Azerbaijan Deputy of Health Minister Elsever Agayev, Russian Federation Deputy of Industry and Trade Minister Sergei Tsib, Belarus Deputy of Health Minister Valeriy Shevchuk attended to the opening.

At the fair, which several establishment settled in Azerbaijan and participants from Belarus, England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, China, USA, Bahrain, Georgia, Italy, UAE, Russia, Ukraine and several other countries joined and where 189 company joined from 19 country of the World and where 21st anniversary of BIHE is celebrated, modern technology software products of AKGÜN Yazılım, which is regional and global giant of IT sector and one of the sponsors of the fair since 2007, attracted great attention.

At BIHE, where Medical and laboratory equipments, dental instruments, drug, medical consumables, disinfectants, orthopedic products, high technology diagnosis and treatment methods, medical machine and other technologic products are exhibited, booth of AKGÜN product and services met great interest of the international particioants with “Meeting Point of Experience and Innovation”. Presentation made to Deputy of Health Minister about new generation AKGÜN approach and products met admiringly and with appreciate.

Azerbaijan Deputy of Health Minister Elsever AGAYEV, who came to fair opening, first of all visited AKGÜN Yazılım’s, which shows being first software company adapting innovator Technologies to Azerbaijanon health system, stant. Azerbaijan Deputy of Health Minister Mr. AGAYEV stated that health sector needs a company that contain innovative and modern Technologies within itself and that they want to progress together with AKGÜN.

AKGÜN Group Executive Board Chairman Temel AKGÜN, who talked to Azerbaijan televisions at the opening, stated that they are brother country with Azerbaijan and that they are proud of representing our country by attending to the BIHE Health fair as a sponsor for 10 years and said that “Our Computer-Assisted Diagnosis Project that we developed at our country is presented at tha fair, not only to use the computers and to keep the informations at the computer but also we will try to explain very important and worth computer programmes of our age that will help to doctor to diagnose the disease and help at the treatment sequence”.


AKGÜN, who attracts attention at the fair with Professional product group that blazes a trail at the informatics, became the center of the interest of fair visitors with the demos that the products are experienced. With Computer Assisted Diagnosis at Lung X-Ray Monitoring Project that diagnose lung cancer immediately, R&D product that provides early diagnose and that prevents to diagnose at late stages of the cancer by bringing the nodules missed out to the attention of the doctor or radiologist, presented to the admiration of the participants with an effective demo and the power of the project is exhibited.


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