AKGÜN Laboratory Information System
Publish Date: 24.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 26.12.2013


AKGÜN Laboratory Information System provides features like:

  • Printing of barcodes for requested tests
  • Tracking of samples
  • Tracking and registering approved results
  • Provide full integration with Inventory and Billing Modules.
  • Provides reporting of all stages.

Laboratory Information System is widely used by domestic and international organizations like:

  • Public Hospitals
  • University Hospitals
  • Blood Banks
  • Various other Health Organizations

AKGÜN Laboratory Information System provides services to 200 major health organizations all over the world. Each organization has 1000 average user capacity.

AKGÜN Laboratory Information System Modules:

  • Quality Control Module
    • Delivers powerful graphics and Reporting Options.
  • Inventory Tracking Management Module
    • When used in the Health Sector works fully integrated with HIS prevent leaks

Important features of AKGÜN Laboratory Information System:
Ease of Use: AKGÜN Laboratory Information System has been developed by working with domain experts by keeping user friendliness in mind.
Flexibility: AKGÜN Laboratory Information System has reached a flexible stage in accordance with the user’s wishes. The different functions that will need AKGÜN Laboratory Information System are designed as a dynamic and result-based restrictions on day requests are also available.

Integration: All laboratory devices and automatic barcoding systems can be integrated to AKGÜN Laboratory Information System.
Centralized Architecture: AKGÜN Laboratory Information System can operate in different Laboratories and Integrated Provincial Health Directorates.
Reliability: Our team is well aware of the vital importance of  the relevant test results and laboratory results. With features like Quality Control & Calibration, accuracy of results is attained. Detailed reporting is provided by warehousing these results.
Consistency: AKGÜN Laboratory Information System, provides storage for all kind of test results. All data can be collected in one place. In this way, the system gives opportunity to observe inconsistencies between them.
Traceability: AKGÜN Laboratory Information System, the results of the retrospective drugs, diagnosis and treatment information screens accessible.

On the other hand test results can be followed also in an instant confirmation screen.

Specialization: LIS (Laboratory Information System), is a specialty in itself. Outsourcing are aware of it in our LIS (outsourcing) and AKGÜN Laboratory Information System is constantly receiving counseling improving. Hence, system in parallel with developments in Turkey and in the world to renew itself.
Billing: In AKGÜN Laboratory Information System, when laboratory request from the relevant units at the time of the request it is billed so that leakages are prevented.
Support: AKGÜN SOFTWARE Laboratory Information System Support Unit of the system during the installation phase and then users could support experts in the field related to the program to support users with LIS Support Professionals.

Increases productivity for saving you from unnecessary struggles.
The system as a whole, for committing speeds up your workflow.
Leaks in the system increases your profitability because it is blocked.
Thereby eliminating time consuming manual testing input devices can be avoided.
Increased control in the laboratory, can be traced all the tests done.
Examples of the system do not interfere with barcode.
Polling lets you set up a large and fast.
Saving a single tube, the tube takes place will work on multiple devices.
Specific examples that the system input and output clocks, delayed results can be immediate intervention.
Be defined in a flexible range of normal value and panic.
Archives of the test results can be unlimited.
Allows unlimited user license fees, and does not.
Authorizing the staff of each unit separates the job (see the test results of each unit and the staff is competent, work).
Fast, flexible and customer-oriented reporting solutions.


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