AKGÜN University Automation System
Publish Date: 09.09.2013 | Last Update Date: 28.10.2013

Akgün College Automation System, a system that enables your organization to be positioned on information technology processes. Solution created with the classical approach, rather than a system with the functions of the unit and all the stakeholders of the university, and is offered as an integrated platform based on stakeholder interaction.



Akgün University Automation System determines the basis and scope of the two major approaches:

Integrated Business Process Management: The business processes to be addressed as a whole to cover all relevant departments of the university to be optimized to produce benefits in.

Integrated Information Management: All relevant units within the University of Knowledge generated by the operation of both operational and strategic.

The application works as a web application, desktop application access to users on a corporate portal offers a taste. All modules of the application and the same enterprise, and makes it possible to access through an interface that can be customized by the user.



1. Identity and Systems Management
2. Student Affairs
3. Academic Information System
4. Personnel Management
5. Library Management
6. Dormitory and Housing
7. Inventory Tracking, Inventory and Fixed Asset
8. Graduates
9. Central Examination

10. Portal Management
11. Core Builder

 Identity and Systems Management


System Management Module ID and reference data to define the over-all system, user, and allows you to specify access privileges are provided. In this way, the creation of the university and co-use of concepts is provided in the Data Dictionary. This provides a significant contribution in the process of institutional analysis of the data to be processed.

The module provides the user with Identity Management System, Role, and Function level authorization can be made. At the same time, and integration with other systems in your organization that have the same ID and password to access each system user can be provided. Thus, the user is offered the opportunity to manage the role and powers of the single point.

Student Affairs

The administration of all educational programs (undergraduate, graduate, graduate and certificate programs), educational and administrative work can be made in electronic form, in the university administration, the counselor, the student, with features that allow communication between teacher training course provides execution services.

• Poll support
• Document sharing
• Student groups / Create clips
• the integration of electronic identity card
• Messaging support
• Examination procedures
• Reporting procedures

Academic Information System

Designed for use by academic staff of universities, academic studies are conducted module.

Preparation of the Academic Calendar
– Preparation Course and Exam Schedule
-Graduate Study Operations
-Guidance and Counseling Operations
-Academic staff performance management

Personnel Management

All the staff (civil servants, contract, temporary workers, and so on.) Is provided and managed to carry out transactions electronically.

-Personnel procedures

– Appointment, promotion, leave, penalties, actions tracking
– Temporary assignment processes that
– Seizure operations
-Time management
-Training and meeting management

– Employee portal

Inventory Tracking, Inventory and Fixed Asset

All kinds of materials and inventory, purchase of supplies and equipment, and business processes are being followed.

-The input-output operations

– Assignment operations
– Transfer operations between the Departments
– Consumer demand management
-The supplier / manufacturer of follow-up and cost analysis
-Monitoring of the critical level


Physical and e-Library management operations are carried out.

-Internal and external membership system that
-The cataloging
-The MARC standard support
-Barcode support it
-Dual input-output control support it
-Source Search

Dormitory and Housing

In the university and in the knowledge of the country and houses, dormitories and student issues, shelter and / or recording of information and follow-up of academics.

-That domestic / residential building, follow-up
-The student health / behavior-monitoring
-Support implementation of the hotel
-Monitoring of the current account
-Dual input / output monitoring support


Graduate or graduate candidates for the business and operations are performed.

– CV preparation
-Belongs to the Company
-Jobs announced that publish announcements and follow-up

Central Examination

Examination of the question and the central banks created to tests are provided in a safe manner.

-Pooling the Question
-The optical form, and device integration
-Exam entries that the integration of biometric system

Portal Management

Platform on the faculties of the University and on the preparation of a dynamic web page interfaces and integration with automation system is provided. Portal structure and content of each web page is created on the platform of the academic or administrative unit of the university administrations done all the necessary administrator role definitions, along with the university’s web page in a unity accelerates enterprise. Other modules in the system through the integration of the academic and administrative information will be published at the same time and published on the web page.

Core Builder

Decision-making process, not a single straight line or a single mistake and they are ranked according to a certain priority, a common occurrence in the patient -physician relationship. In such cases, the development of decision making skills of physicians by establishing a cause-and- effect relationship “Clinically Oriented Reasoning Exam ” (CORE ) is widely used. CORE is no doubt that this ability in developing the contribution of learning. Classic form, easy to apply this test in order to make the difficult prepared to examine our product, please contact us…

Problem solving , reasoning or decision-making , which is expressed in different ways, and often limited to a short period of time and with the support of the data obtained by conducting a clinical problem -solving mind , one of the most important skills for a physician . Research on this subject shows that the model is agreed upon and reasoning can be applied easily not been developed yet. Recently, the problem-based educational models that underlie the major cause of the rise in interest, problem-solving skills, understanding of medical education must be given from the beginning. However, research shows that physician’s inexperienced physicians experienced in clinical reasoning processes and decision-making skills vary accurate.

Those interested in medical education, clinical reasoning and problem-solving process, and to have enough information about the structure of the theoretical and practical educational programs should be improved accordingly. Closest to the actual conditions of the best learning takes place and the best education environment assessment and evaluation of the most appropriate test methods be realized in the actual conditions .


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