Center of Innovation, AKGÜN, Participated in USKAF III as Gold Sponsor with the Main Theme of Industry 4.0…
Publish Date: 06.12.2017 | Last Update Date: 19.02.2018

AKGÜN Group participated as a Gold Sponsor at the National Health Quality Forum III (USKAF III), which was held on 02 December 2017 at Siyami Ersek Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital Conference Hall with the main theme of Quality Practices and Mentorship in Health in order to emphasize the importance of Industry 4.0 in Health and increase awareness.  

At the symposium, to which many speakers from various sectors, academicians and researchers from various sectors attended, discussions on innovative and contemporary approaches, strategies and experiences about the transition period of the production sector to Industry 4.0, the practices of the industry, the difficulties faced and the benefits reflected to the firm took place and AKGUN Group Chairman Temel AKGUN was highly credited for his speech entitled “Industry 4.0 in Health –Innovations of Software Technology in the Health Sector”. AKGUN said that “With the advancing technology in the world, the health sector also experiences the transition period of Industry 4.0. In the field of science and technology, especially in genetics and medicine, major changes are emerging. Traditional health systems are now transforming into a totally new structure by experiencing a digital transformation. The new era also makes it necessary to make rapid changes in the field of health. ”

Stressing that Turkey should make technological changes in the field of health, AKGUN Group Chairman Temel AKGÜN continued that “USKAF was designed to redefine the areas of quality, current implementations and acceptances in health open for development and to develop a working platform of innovation professionals.”

Participating in the forum as Gold Sponsor, AKGÜN Group was welcomed by the visitors and academicians with AKGÜN Trends and Artificial Intelligence Applications in Industry 4.0.

Taking every opportunity to support this kind of works, our Chairman Temel AKGUN said that “The World is changing at a great speed. We need to keep up with this change in terms of technology. We want to become an actor in this business but we already are.”


Developing a number of successful products and solutions for long years both in our country and abroad in the fields of informatics and software such as full automation in health, education, local administration, defense, telecommunications, public and private sectors and implementing large scale software and hardware projects, AKGUN takes leading steps in producing more advanced technologies. Our products are designed at AKGUN Software R&D and Innovation Center.

AKGÜN is fully compatible with the digital hospital concept with its rich product and solution portfolio and supports this concept end-to-end.

AKGÜN Hospital Information Management System applications are compatible with HIMSS Stage 6 and 7.

Our company offers special solutions using the advantages of Industry 4.0.

The FIRST R&D Center accredited by the Ministry of Health and certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey among the firms operating in the health informatics sector, AKGUN applies CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration) Standards. Since 2011, AKGÜN, the registered R&D Center of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey,   employees more than 510 R&D and support staff at the R&D Center.


Breaking the grounds thanks to early diagnosis   and preventive health projects in the national and international arena, our company makes a difference with the Computer Assisted Diagnosis in Pulmonary X-ray Imaging,  ”AKGÜN X- Eye : Thorax ”, DICOM Compatible Breast Cancer Decision Support System “AKGÜN X- Eye: Mammo” and Keratoconus Disease Diagnosis and 3D Simulation of the Cornea After Cross-Bonding “AKGUN KnVision” artificial intelligence applications, AKGUN MobileANKA that brings the great power of corporate data together with the most advanced mobile technology of the world and its products that respond to global needs.



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