Job Application
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 02.11.2013
General Manager
Administrative and Financial Affairs Coord. (Executive Board Member)
Support Coordinator
R & D Coordinator (Executive Board Member)
Gümüşhane Regional Coordinator (Executive Board Member)
Black Sea Regional Coordinator
Sales Coordinator
Organization and Method Development Coord.
Code Coord. - Online Customer Solutions Dir.
Secretary of the General Manager
Customer Relations and Quality Control Manager / Support Coordinator. Asst.
Sales Coord. Asst.
Kazakhstan Branch Manager
Yaz. Met. ve Kal. Gel. Yön.-Bilgi Güv. Yön. Tem.
Software Methods and Quality Improvement Specialist
Personnel Manager
Recruitment and Career Manager
Personnel Rights
Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist
Executive Office Driver and Administrative Affairs Manager
Company Driver
Floor Attendant
Public Relations Staff
Call Center Manager
Project Manager
Senior Software Developer
Software Developer
Business Intelligence Specialist
Integrated System Administrator
Test Specialist
Customer Relations and Quality Control Specialist
Technical Services Manager
Field Information Manager
Regional Support Specialist
DBA Team Manager
Hardware Support Personnel
Technical Support Staff
Web Design and Software Development Specialist
Call Center Staff
Solution Line Expert
LIS-PACS Support Specialist
Data Specialist
Support Specialist
Support Staff
Sales and Marketing Manager
Sales Manager
Procurement Unit Manager
Procurement Staff
Bidding and Purchasing Staff
Accounting and Finance Manager
Pre-Accounting Specialist
Hospital Management Software Support Staff
Software Support Staff


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