The Career in AKGÜN
Publish Date: 22.07.2013 | Last Update Date: 14.11.2013


Candidate Profile

Vision and Mission appropriate attitudes and behaviors that may Akgün adapt to the corporate culture, responsible, success-oriented, efficiency, based on the difference in constant pursuit of technology that brings creative suggestions of teaching and learning is being committed, information sharing, “I”, not “we” sense of moving, look forward to welcoming colleagues.

Recruitment Process

Unit Managers job analysis and job descriptions according to the wishes of staffing profile appropriate staff to be included in the organization prepared by the Private Employment Agencies and ad text are published via the Web Site. Candidates who possess the qualifications specified in the text of the submissions will be announced within the pool created by studying the collected interview.

References in the text of reviewing the criteria announced with appropriate qualifications, have received the required training, work experience prior year, according to the experience qualifications of the candidates are very consistent with the requirements of the position and in particular the interview groups are open to development, including junior candidates generated.

Position of the required skill, experience and talent, that suits your personality further longitudinal analysis of competency-based interviews for the position of technical and sometimes by the panel, and sometimes individually, sometimes done by applying the group interviews.

Together with the requirements of the position of the candidate, Akgün corporate culture, strategy and objectives perspective, the core competencies, customer orientation, job commitment, innovation, relationship development, self-knowledge, competencies and development will also be evaluated. Compliance with the corporate culture and values ​​of the process, the most important criteria to consider in all.

For managerial positions in the above- mentioned criteria, which, in addition to the measured competence of team development.

Applications that are current position as a result of negotiations, any other positions in the database are to be evaluated and followed up. All applicants are notified about the process back.

Upon successful completion of the specified criteria and interview processes of mutual interviews with the candidates you are bidding on official business.

And the career in Akgün starts.

Staff Competence Pool

Akgün all candidates began to work two (2) months of the end of the trial period with the measurements made ​​by the Unit Managers, Competence Pool in which all employees would find a place for themselves. Professional knowledge and skills in the area of the pool criteria for competency assessment is made out of, the development process is tracked. As a source of new start can be made possible for projects such as competencies, internal resources as well as take part in a variety of projects are available.

Career Management Process

Organization of the employees in Akgün, career goals, career path in which to proceed in accordance with the results of evaluations, and the increased capabilities of the situation to do twice a year, in accordance with the objective criteria can watch. Provided so that employees meet the criteria or competencies to a higher level in the organization believed can switch to another title.

Performance Evaluation

Akgün Organization the employees in the individual achievements and assessing and measuring the behavior of a specific duration of time , job analysis and job descriptions prepared in accordance with the performance criteria to assess themselves and are evaluated by their supervisors .

Twice a year (every six months) to employees of the performance evaluation results of the return of the Career Management Process provides objective evidence. Employees promoted rotation, assignment, and wage growth among the deciding factors for conditions such as.

HR Career Fairs and Exhibitions

Employment Projects and collaborations within the framework of the Common Public Institutions and Organizations , Private Employment Agencies , Career Days and fairs organized by Universities  continuously performing the new generation , successful, dynamic, young colleagues to join us in carrying out our work .


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