The Heart of Informatics, AKGÜN Group, Led the Future of Technology at the 34th National Informatics Congress with its Artificial Intelligence Programs…
Publish Date: 26.12.2017 | Last Update Date: 19.02.2018

Organized by the Turkish Informatics Association since 1976, 34th of the TBD National Informatics Congress was held at Sheraton Ankara Hotel & Convention Center on 20-21 December 2017 with the main theme “Innovation with Informatics: Digital Transformation in Turkey”. At the congress, where academic presentation were made in the field of information and technology, there were coding trainings for martyr and veteran children, social responsibility projects, award ceremonies and panels related to information.

At the congress, which started with the opening speech by TBD President Rahmi Aktepe, AKGÜN Group participated as a session sponsor in the panel on “Touch of Security in Individual and Corporate Life”. Although the main theme of the panel, where our Sales and Marketing Coordinator Mr. Gökmen Kuvvet was a panelist, was Touch of Security in Individual and Corporate Life, our Artificial Intelligence Products that empower corporate life and lead technology were exhibited at our stand.

At the 34th National Informatics Congress, where the road map to 5G is drawn and which guides qualified human resource, we were proud to shape the future with our artificial intelligence products and make a difference by producing technological products.

Our products were welcomed with great interest by the public and private sector executives and employees, industrialists and businessmen, academicians, entrepreneurs, students and users, who intensively use the technology, at the congress, to which speakers that are experts in their fields were invited from Turkey and abroad.

For a Turkey that dominates the technology, generates value with informatics, is successful in global competition and at a high level of prospects, all parties, especially IT specialist, should undertake significant responsibilities and from this point of view we received a great interest at the congress with our synergy created with our experiences and vision at Informatics 2017, which is the most important event of the information sector and largest event with participation from sector.

A number of experts in their relevant fields held the floor at the congress, which was realized with the participation of Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan, Turkish Informatics Association (TBD) President Rahmi Aktepe, deputies, executives from public and private sectors and the universities, academicians, non-governmental organizations, techno center and techno park representatives, IT specialists and students, and more than 50 professionals contributed to the workshops and the congress attracted a great deal of attention.

At the congress, where AKGÜN Group was the sponsor of the session, technologies such as new generation mobile broadband infrastructures, internet of objects, cloud technology, large data analysis, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 3D printer attracted great interest.

In addition, the companies and related organizations of Ankara’s IT sector participated at the stands installed during the congress period. AKGÜN Group introduced X- Eye: Thorax, X- Eye: Mammo and X- Eye: RibOut products under the brand name NdlLocater and shared the potential of the products designed at AKGUN R&D Center in the information and communication technologies.     





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